Month: September 2019

Favorite Paints

As far as my major in college at the moment, I am a studio art major with a concentration on painting. Right now, I am working with oil paints which I love and in the future, I’ll probably work in different medium. But this post […]

Art Throw-downs

During high school, I became a part of a club called National Art Honors Society. It was a group of about 20-30 art students where we would do art for the school, in the community, for fundraisers, and just in general. Some of the things […]

Finding opportunity

In order to become a better artist, you must practice a lot, try new things, have patience, and make art. Sometimes its really difficult to to practice or even start doing art when you’ve never held a paintbrush or taken a single art class seriously before. And lots of times, it’s just hard and you have no inspiration. Whenever this happens for me, I get frustrated because I know I could practice or come up with a composition or something to improve my skill and I simply just don’t want to. When this happens, I almost always get or find an opportunity to do something totally different that’s art related. During my senior year of high school, my wonderful art teacher offered for me to go on this art camp trip to a local college to do art with these other high school kids. Needless to say, I was thrilled and was able to go with another girl from my class at the time. The campus was beautiful and cabins were to die for and our group signed up for certain classes we would go to on specific days, similar to real college courses. Some of the classes I took were: Looming, blacksmithing, paper making, collaborative painting, wood working, and fabric design.

I made an S hook, collaborative painting, a tapestry using an old fashion loom, a band saw wood box, several scarves and other cute fabrics, purses, learned how to sew, and even made literal paper from plant fibers. I still have all the stuff I made from that camp, but most of it is packed away somewhere, so some time I will post the rest of the pictures. Anyway, I did so much that week that I never would have got the chance to ever again and it was amazing. How many people do you know that have ever successfully done blacksmithing before? There are opportunities like this all the time. Sometimes you just need to do something completely different than you’re used to in order to get inspired to do art.