Always be Searching

Part of what I do to keep doing art is always take pictures of interesting things. Something I’ve been doing more and more lately is looking around for interesting compositions and taking a picture on my phone. So then anytime I can’t think of any projects or want to do art but can’t find the right inspiration, I look through my gallery and find something that I found somewhere else.

These are a couple examples of some of the weird and interesting shots I’ve seen just while out. The first image happened when I was walking around campus with some friends and I see these roses just one the ground just how it is in the picture. clearly something dramatic happened and I was just a bystander to take the picture for some future project. The second image is a shot from the library that I thought I’d probably never see anything like it again. There’s potential art inspiration everywhere. We just have to get out enough to find it. 🙂

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