Art thoughts pt. 1

Awhile ago, I found out my parents had blogs and websites of their own and my teenage brat self found that pretty funny to think about in my limited perspective about my parents. I looked them up and laughed at how weird and oddly funny I thought their blogs were and went on about my day. I can safely say I’d never have thought I’d do the same kind of things they did and write on this public site that I actually want people to see and potentially enjoy. I guess that’s life for you. Anyway, I’m writing this more for myself than anyone else but you’re more than welcome to read and think about these ideas for yourselves. My thoughtful, loving father helped me create this site for my own artistic purposes and I consider this to be slightly artistic so here we go.

Art is a strange thing. It takes technical skill with its own rules in order to be successful but if you’re really successful, you must break those established rules. Not everything is art but everything can be perceived as art. So as an artist you must capture something, literally anything, and create it into something people want to perceive as art. Why exactly is that a profession? Why do humans make art for other humans to look at and buy? Why am I trying to get a degree in this when in order to succeed I have to break the rules and think beyond the canvas in front of me? Well as for me (and hopefully all artists like me) I do it more for myself. I cope with my emotions through art. I try to connect with people through making art, not to mention it’s just straight up fun to get paint everywhere and stand back and be proud of something you made using your very own creativity and mind power. Art also is composed of two major contradictions: imagination and structured rules. It take logic to know what an apple looks like and where to put shading and highlights to make your brain understand that you are looking at an apple and not a blob of red paint, but you need imagination in order to connect with the audience and make that apple relate-able in some way. I guess that was a convoluted way of saying why exactly I like making art and that my loving family will probably tease me for this but I enjoyed writing this post and will probably post more of my thoughts relating to something about art or my experience in it.

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  • I’m so happy to find this! I want to see things you draw and create! And we have to get your whole family here for a vacation. We have so many art galleries in town…youd love it.

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