Art thoughts pt.3

Going to college for art means that you’ll almost always guaranteed to encounter the most diverse and weird professors. This past year I had to take all the foundation classes that make you draw boxes for three hours in order to perfect your sense of perspective. Albeit, I did learn a lot and am grateful for the skills and tools I learned. That being said, each of my classes were taught very different from each other and I got different lessons from each. My favorite class I took was Drawing 2 during my second semester of freshman year. My professor began the class by having us take receipt paper and ink and try to cover as much paper as possible in 30 minutes. After, she instructed us to take the paper and weave it together and bind all the loose paper so no strand was unaccounted for. We then took all the paper and taped it to the wall outside the class and create a mural/sculpture out of it. She told us that this semester was about line movement and thinking of creating art in nontraditional ways and branching out. Later that semester in that class we created: short gifs using basic Photoshop skills, three part collages using magazine, pen and ink, and watercolor, and massive collage using whatever we could based on the word “system.” It was the most diverse and explorative art class I have ever taken and I loved it. Art can be made from literally anything in any way. My professor often said to just try anything until we found what worked for us and our pieces. In doing so, I ended up with one of my absolute favorite pieces I’ve ever done. So, in the case of artist’s block, try something unusual.

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