The Artist’s Mind

Art Throw-downs

During high school, I became a part of a club called National Art Honors Society. It was a group of about 20-30 art students where we would do art for the school, in the community, for fundraisers, and just in general. Some of the things […]

Finding opportunity

In order to become a better artist, you must practice a lot, try new things, have patience, and make art. Sometimes its really difficult to to practice or even start doing art when you’ve never held a paintbrush or taken a single art class seriously […]

Finding models

During one of the most boring art history classes I’ve been to, one thing the professor said to us about some Renaissance artist was that when you’re poor and can’t afford a model, you draw yourself. I am no stranger to this concept. Most people […]

Always be Searching

Part of what I do to keep doing art is always take pictures of interesting things. Something I’ve been doing more and more lately is looking around for interesting compositions and taking a picture on my phone. So then anytime I can’t think of any […]

Art thoughts pt.3

Going to college for art means that you’ll almost always guaranteed to encounter the most diverse and weird professors. This past year I had to take all the foundation classes that make you draw boxes for three hours in order to perfect your sense of […]

Finding talent

Of all my friends, I am one of the only ones who does art and pursues it as a career. They look at my stuff and often say “I wish I could draw” or “I can’t draw like that.” I think about these remarks a […]

Art thoughts pt. 2

A few weeks ago my dad was cooking dinner and cutting up mushrooms. I very humbly expressed my dislike for the taste of mushrooms but qualified their existence by explaining how adorable they are. My dad looked at me like I was crazy. He said […]

Finding style

Something that most artists and creators face throughout their career is finding a unique and individualized style to create within. They draw and draw and create as much as they can in pursuit of this new style they want to own. I wanted my own […]

Art thoughts pt. 1

Awhile ago, I found out my parents had blogs and websites of their own and my teenage brat self found that pretty funny to think about in my limited perspective about my parents. I looked them up and laughed at how weird and oddly funny […]