Favorite Paints

As far as my major in college at the moment, I am a studio art major with a concentration on painting. Right now, I am working with oil paints which I love and in the future, I’ll probably work in different medium. But this post is basically me explaining all the different forms of medium and why I do or do not like them.

Oil paints- I love oil paints. I didn’t always like them because they are very messy and hard to clean up, but they are beautiful to blend with and great if you want to take your time and slowly build up your piece. They take at least a week to dry, so you can come back to it after a few hours or days and keep working.

Acrylic Paints- A very good starting point for new artists. They blend really nice and dry quickly. Easy to clean since they are water based and have a nice glossy finish. Also cost efficient.

Watercolor paints- I hate watercolor so very much. In order to be successful, yo have to be patient and let it dry before coming back to work. Sometimes it is hard to control and if you spill (I am very clumsy) the whole piece can get ruined. However, they do look really nice when finished and make little mess. There are also some cool techniques you can to with watercolor that you can’t do with other paints.

Gouache Paints- If you take everything I hate about watercolor and apply it to everything good about acrylics, you get gouache. I do not have very much experience with gouache, but I know I do not care for it. If you add lots of water to it, it becomes like a watercolor, but is also can blend like acrylic. It a balancing act that I hate.

Ink- It’s like watercolor but more permanent. You can manipulate it using similar techniques to water color and can use it to create some very beautiful textures and colors, but unlike watercolor, you cannot manipulate it after it’s dried.

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