Finding style

Something that most artists and creators face throughout their career is finding a unique and individualized style to create within. They draw and draw and create as much as they can in pursuit of this new style they want to own. I wanted my own style as well and still do. I have seen so many types of drawings that I personally find beautiful and unique and everything I wanted to have and call my own. I wanted to replicate and create something equally mesmerizing and captivating to sort of tag my art as my own and that is valid.

This is a page from one of my sketchbooks in which I was desperately trying new things in order to find something I could call my own. There were points where I felt so depressed and unsatisfied with myself as an artist because I couldn’t find my style. But I know know that it really doesn’t matter if you’ve found you’re style or not. All that really matters is that you make art and be happy. That sounds so corny but it’s taken a lot for me too realize that and accept that of myself. Style does not define an artist. The only qualification to be a “real” artist is making art. So despite lacking my own style, I still qualify myself as an artist who loves what she does and who continues to find that style that does not define her status as an artist.

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